A backup sump pump can prove to be your savoir in case power goes out in your home, and the water levels start rising. If you decide to install a pump without a backup battery sump, then it is very likely that your basement will get flooded during rains and storms.

It is always safer to add a battery backup even if you already possess a regular basement pump, because you never know when it might lose power. Sump pumps have been known to get short circuited while the rest of your house still has power. This can be due to a tripped circuit breaker, or a mistaken unplugging of the wire.

And the worst part is that you may not even realise that this has happened. You can go days without ever realising that your pump is out of order. And if it starts raining or snowing during that time, your basement will start flooding with nothing to stop it from doing so. This is why backup sump pump is a very handy appliance to possess.

A backup sump pump is equipped with an alarm system so that if the water levels rise above a certain limit, the alarm will go off and the pump will continue to function. In this way you will have enough time to take protective measures before the basement starts flooding.

A backup pump is a necessary addition water proofing mechanism in the basement, even if you have a primary system that is fully powered. This is because even the best sumps have a capacity that is not limitless. If by chance the components in the pump start clogging up with dirt or fail to function, then having a backup pump can be invaluable.

It is important to keep in mind never to depend upon alternate sources of power for keeping your basement dry. Not only do they run for a small period of time, they tend to lose their charge even when not in use. So always have more than one pump handy, and the best option is to have a backup sump pump ready to take over from your primary pump in case of an emergency.

Then the powers is out, and the primary pump stops functioning, it will be the backup pump that will save your basement from flooding, your flooring from getting mouldy, and your primary pump from getting short circuited by water.