I have been getting rain water in my basement when there is heavy rain. I want to install a sump pump. my question is do i have to lay the channels that lead to my pump around the entire basement perimeter. I live in a row home that has only two walls that are not shared with a neighbor. I believe that along these walls that is where the water comes in from the out side. So will i have dig a channel along these walls and have them pitch towards the pump? and any info on installation such as depth of the actual channels and water proofing for them

Just purchased a home with a sump pump with a backup pump. The backup pump brand is “Ace in the Hole”. The battery is in a thick plastic case and is plugged into the wall. There is a test button on the case, however, when I press that button, absolutely nothing happens. No noise, no lights light up, nothing. Everything appears to be connected correctly, but I just can’t figure out the issue. Is it maybe a dead battery? But wouldn’t the AC power still give me some kind of light on the unit telling me the battery is dead? The regular pump functions perfectly and I haven’t had the need for the backup pump yet. But when I do, I would like it to be functional. Any ideas?

pump I installed to replace the 14 year old submersible ejector. the float level is set high to prevent short cycling. for pump information see the manufacturers website at: www.swabypump.com

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