I presently have oil heat in my home and have been told that fuel oil can be used to power the generator instead having to get bottled gas installed. Is this true?

I figure if I am going to do this, I’d like to power the entire household: furnace, sump pump, well pump, refrigerator, stove and lights. What is the price range for such a set up? Typically, is there a percentage paid up front and if so, how much? Can one contractor install the entire system: pad, generator, switch board, etc.? Am I better off buying the hardware and then just hire a contractor to perform the installation? If the contractor supplies the hardware, what is the typical mark-up, if any?

What is the best way to determine that the contractor is reputable and knows what they’re doing?

Due to 9″ of rain falling in 4 hrs., my sump pump and backup failed. I am looking for ‘insurance’ that it won’t happen again. I think the backup pump discharge outside. Has anyone used a water-powered backup pump in severe conditions? If not, what kind of “regular” backup pump do you recommend?

This drain services the utility sink, washing machine and air conditioner, so plugging it is probably not the best thing to do….Unless there’s a way around that. Whenever it rains hard & long, the basement floods *through the drain*. There is no sump pump, and installation of one is an option, but how would that have any effect at all on the drain? Thanks!
FYI, all utilities are city (no septic), and there is a stream along the back edge of the property that tends to get backed up (due to city negligence).

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