I have a sump pump in my basement. The electric one works just fine. The battery back up is causing problems. The charging unit is showing no lights at all. The stickers on the unit say that if no lights are showing to reset the breaker. There is what appears to be a breaker switch on the unit. When I hit this the lines over my head in the basement (the electricity lines, I think) make a clicking sound. Note, the sump pump itself does nothing, doesn’t shake or anything. Only this loud clicking noise. Also, when I press that breaker button, the battery charging unit flashes all the lights.

The outlet where the charger is plugged is working fine. I’ve also tried to plug it in elsewhere. I bought a new battery today and connected it to the charger. No change.

The charger is an Aqua Not brand.

Any suggestions what to try. I’m at a loss.